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We use a standard OAuth 2.0 scheme for authorization. To make calls, check out our OAuth page to get information on implementing a 2-legged OAuth flow.


Stay posted at our GitHub to see various reference helper applications and SDKs.

We're excited to see your creation! If you've done some testing and have a valid prototype or idea worked out, please fill out the contact form. We'll engage your team and start vetting you for production access.

There are no fees currently to access our sandbox. If we allow you to move beyond the sandbox, at that time we can discuss next steps and pricing.

Our functionality varies from region to region – though we provide simulated access to our points platform, customer profiles, accounts, and transactions across all regions. To see if your desired functionality is available in your product's region, be sure to check out our API catalog and documentation. Please be reminded that this a sandbox, which means a test environment, that only uses dummy data.

The Chenosis Developer portal consists of:

  • API Products Catalogue - listing the different APIs that can be used, the related documentation, and a way to "Try it Out", test out the APIs directly on the portal
  • User Profiles - allowing developers to Register, and create apps that use APIs, and the the related credentials/keys for those APIs
  • A ‘sandbox', which allows you to make API calls that are the same in form and function to our production environments. It contains mock test data so that you can prototype your application as if it were the real thing. We keep our public APIs sandboxed to protect our clients' data and validate products before moving them to production.

Read the Welcome page, then head over to Things every developer should know.


If you need verify if the Chenosis API Platform is up and responsive, or perhaps down due to maintenance, then check out the Spectrum page.

Take a look at our products page – it will let you know what APIs are available on a market-by-market basis.
If you have a really strong business case for a new API we'd love to hear about it! Send us a message through our support page.

Head to the login page and hit the forgot User ID/Password.

Please let us know at our Support page! We are always looking for new ways to expose APIs that enable the financial technology space and create new opportunities.

Get Started
Looking to kick off an start playing with some of our APIs? Just follow the steps below and you’ll be up and integrating.
1. Register an account
Start by creating your developer account. All you need is your name and password. Remember to verify your email address to enable your account.
2. Browse categories and products
Browse through our growing list of API products. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so we can inform you of new and exciting products.
3. Create your application
Create an app and start your project. Select an API product for your new app. Visit our documentation pages for more information.
4. Select a subscription
Most API products have several subscriptions plans to fit most budgets - including free. Choose a plan to fit your needs and add it to your app.
5. Start integrating
Some of the APIs have a test sandbox. Retrieve your app credentials and integrate. Checkout the API product page for more information.
6. Add funds to your account
Once you are ready to go live or to do some production testing simply top up your account and move up to a live production plan.
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