Chenosis takes-off as it partners with Blusalt & Gwirio

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Chenosis takes-off as it partners with Blusalt & Gwirio

Chenosis proudly announces the conclusion of its first set of strategic partnerships with Nigerian-based emerging digital platform provider Blusalt and Gwirio, a leading software services company founded in South Africa.

These partnerships are instrumental in Chenosis becoming the largest and most diverse developer ecosystem on the African continent. Chenosis is re-shaping the API marketplace for developers and businesses alike, since its launch in August 2020 over 250 developers have joined this uniquely Pan-African marketplace.

Blusalt is empowering businesses from the smallest start-ups to the largest enterprises and government to help grasp the opportunities that the digital age has to offer. Blusalt intends to leverage the Chenosis marketplace to expand the reach of its mobile and financial APIs to more markets across the continent.

Playing an important role in unlocking access to new data sources, Gwirio improves data integrity, validation and verification. Gwirio plans to start offering its enterprise services to multi-national companies operating in more African countries via Chenosis, building on its current compliance verification service offering to multiple large enterprises in South Africa.

"Chenosis is proud to partner with these two companies who are making a distinctive mark in the two largest economies on the continent," says Charles Molapisi, MTN Group Chief Technology and Information Officer – leading the Chenosis venture.

"These partnerships demonstrate how Chenosis can open doors not only between countries but between different regions of the continent setting the stage to enable the African Continental Free Trade Area’s vision of creating a single market across the African continent, all via a single platform," he concluded.

"We are excited to be part of this leading-edge innovation and API Marketplace movement, and the opportunity to collaborate in driving next generation solutions in the digital economy, and beyond! The Chenosis Platform creates a unique opportunity for developers and partner ecosystems across the globe to create new digital experiences and to monetise and capture value using APIs. Chenosis will be a force for innovation & transformation on the continent as it leads the growth of Africa's Digital Economy," says Suru Avoseh, Blusalt CEO /Co-Founder

"For Gwirio the reach and services of mobile data networks are core to the development of Africa's digital revolution. As an established player on the African continent, Chenosis will be central to the delivery of digital identity services and privacy protection for all its subscribers. Gwirio is proud to work with the Chenosis team on the development of these common elements across Africa to address universal services and integrity for all," David Roux, Gwirio CEO.

Blusalt has undertaken to co-develop and cross-sell third-party API mashups as they become available on the Chenosis marketplace. Gwirio is leveraging the single API integration opportunity presented by Chenosis to access customer verification services from multiple mobile operators in multiple countries.

At Chenosis, we recognise that no single organisation can create an environment that will make it easier for developers and start-ups to monetise their digital information products and services. It is for this reason that we partner with like- minded organisations, leveraging the power of collective strengths and capabilities.

Searching for a variety of APIs has become far simpler with Chenosis, Africa’s first cross-industry API marketplace, as it offers a diverse range of API products from across the continent, on a single platform.

Developers can get started by exploring the Chenosis Marketplace at www.Chenosis.io


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About Chenosis

Chenosis is a cross-industry API marketplace that enables developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to come together to create, discover and subscribe to the fastest growing library of open APIs. The unique marketplace opens the door to opportunities for Africa’s talent to create, distribute and monetise their intellectual property as well as give global developers and businesses the ability to easily discover the APIs they need.

About Blusalt

Blusalt empowers all businesses maximise digital opportunities by providing access to digital & fintech infrastructure. Blusalt provides digital enablement and multiservice platforms that allows enterprises and startups access digital resources while creating and capturing business value through innovative services.

Website: www.blusalt.net

About Gwirio

Gwirio provides cloud-based software services and focus on the continuous compliance to privacy legislation and risk management services. Founded in 2017, Gwirio have been working closely with major Mobile Network Operators to develop cost effective and secure services for the digital market to ensure compliance with privacy legislation.

Website: www.gwirio.com

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