How to create an APP and start using APIs! Working with our products

Login to your Chenosis account to get started. 
Step 1 

Click on the [Create APP] tab on the top right corner.
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Step 2 

Complete the form with your app details.
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Name of your APP. *
The Call-back URL is used by APIs that need to be contacted when an event occurs. *
Give a short description of your APP. *

Step 3

Select a category from the drop-down list. Then, select the API product you want to add to your app. 
Click [Add] to confirm.

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Step 4

Read and accept our [Terms and Conditions] by ticking the box.
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Step 5

Select [Create App] to get started!

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Step 6 

Success! Now you can see your APP has been created, and the Chenosis Key has been added.
You will need the info listed here to use the API. *
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Step 7

Let’s get started!