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Why Chenosis should be your “go to” API marketplace in Africa

POSTED 1 year ago
Up until now, the African continent has never before had its own, bespoke API Marketplace, but thanks to the vision of powerhouse pan-African telco operator MTN Group, this is all changing, fast!

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Chenosis is being developed to be an open API marketplace which has been designed for developers, entrepreneurs and businesses, to create, distribute and monetize their intellectual property and digital assets in a pan-African context.
The Chenosis marketplace enables developers to tap into a broad market of API products and services from multiple sources across the continent - ranging from telecommunications, e-health, e-government, IoT, fintech, e-commerce, identity and authentication, payments and collections, location services and more, all from a single marketplace.
The marketplace concept makes it easy for small and large businesses, individual developers, start-ups and entrepreneurs to monetize their API products and services and make them a) discoverable and b) accessible on a global platform.
Chenosis has been designed to enable businesses and developers to publish their API’s, so that other developers and businesses can discover and consume them. The marketplace also provides the tools for publishers to monetize and promote their APIs, by accommodating the creation of subscription plans and product bundles that developers can then purchase and consume as they go about developing applications for Africa that solve every-day real world problems.
Chenosis has invested heavily in building a solid, secure platform so that Publishers of API’s don’t have to incur these costs – we’ve done it all for you – in an effort to save you time and money. For example, an API publisher does not need to have its own system for managing, billing and reconciling developer accounts, nor do they need to worry about security issues, as this functionality is already all built into the platform!
Importantly, the Chenosis Marketplace portal also includes dashboards for API publishers and consumers to track revenue and credit balances, view consumption analytics and API performance, and lots more.
Chenosis also makes it easy for developers and entrepreneurs to create new value streams through API “mashups”. Mashups are new product and service orchestrations created by developers from two or more existing APIs. They are an exciting low-code way for developers to create business and consumer solutions from individual API’s, and to then monetize their creations on the platform to the benefit of all on the African continent.
With one point of integration, one contract agreement, one point of contact, one invoice, one settlement and one marketplace for all APIs, Chenosis truly is the “platform of

Author: David Townshend , Chenosis Commercial Lead