Chenosis Key (South Africa)

This API product contains all the capabilities that you need to easily add SMS or Voice based two factor authentication using a one-time password to your existing application login or workflow.


Use this API to authenticate your users in South Africa using SMS or Voice based two factor authentication. This API uses carrier-approved templated messages to eliminate carrier message filtering and delivery blocking. Easily send messages globally using Chenosis' language translation and global regulations compliance.

Fight fraud before it starts. Validate users with SMS or Voice at any step of your user‘s journey.

Getting Started

The Chenosis two factor authentication API seamlessly checks that a user is the owner of the phone number they provide in two simple steps:

  1. Get an access token by sending your client ID and secret to /oauth/client
  2. Add this as a Bearer token to your Authorization header
  3. Call Create Verification (POST) with the users's phone number for Chenosis to send them  4-10 digit verification code via SMS or Voice.
  4. Call Verify Verification for Chenosis to check that the user’s input matches the verification code. If they match, Chenosis registers the phone number as approved.

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